Reheating your pastrami

Reheating your pastrami slices is incredibly simple. There are three main methods.

  1. Reheat in the microwave
    1. Put your pastrami slices into a plate with a dash of water
    2. Cover with a microwave safe cover or leave in the pouch
    3. Heat for 1-2mins depending
    4. Remove from microwave safely and consume
  2. Reheat on a pan
    1. Put a pan on your stove on a medium low heat
    2. Place your slices onto the pan with a little bit of oil or butter
    3. Flip the slices after 1min
    4. Serve
  3. Steam
    1. Boil some water in a pan
    2. Place your pastrami slices into the steaming section
    3. Allow to steam for a few minutes
    4. Serve