Reheating your brisket

This method applies to all of the briskets we stock, whether free-range, USDA, Brazilian or Wagyu.

You will need 200-250g of beef tallow, ghee or butter to prepare this.

  1. Preheat your oven to 170C
  2. Get two sheets of foil, shiny side up, place a few slices or spoons of butter/tallow (around 1/4 of the total)
  3. Place the brisket on top, wrap the foil around the edges of the brisket so that the top is exposed, but the bottom and sides are covered - see below for the image
    Foil boated brisket
  4. Place the rest of the butter/tallow on top of the brisket, place into the oven, on a wire rack (not on a pan) place a roasting tin/pan underneath to catch anything that leaks
  5. Reheat until the brisket probes tender - leave for at least 1hr 30mins, ensure that when probed it is tender.
  6. Allow to rest for 15 mins, and then serve

The brisket will keep in the fridge for seven days if unopened. Consume within three days if opened. Feel free to cut in half, freeze/refrigerate and eat it another time. If you do decide to cook only half, the cooking time will likely decrease by 30mins.